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My Corner Couch!

My stuff has arrived – my furniture and nice clothes and books.  All my books! (My shoes and pots and pans are still chilling in Texas, waiting to be shipped.)

I’m so excited! First of all, for my books – I’ve been running out of things to read and didn’t, of course, pack everything I wanted to read. So they’re all here and now I have tons of reading choices again.  Also, my corner couch – a little corner sectional piece I swiped from my brother – is arrived and in my room. (Apparently, it’s also called a square.)  It is the most comfortable piece of furniture on the planet and the place I most love to sit and read (and nap; it happens).  In my old apartment, I could sit in the sunshine coming in from a west-facing window, making it the best place ever.

Now, I can’t put it directly under a window but it’s still amazing and comfy and my favorite place to read.

What’s yours? Let me know in the comments!


I’m reading a book about pirates.

I’m irrationally happy about this and may be speaking Pirate all weekend.  (I’m really good at this because my Facebook language is Pirate.)

(I’m also not sure why I feel the need to capitalize Pirate… It’s not a real language….)

What book are you excited about?