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I’m reading a book about pirates.

I’m irrationally happy about this and may be speaking Pirate all weekend.  (I’m really good at this because my Facebook language is Pirate.)

(I’m also not sure why I feel the need to capitalize Pirate… It’s not a real language….)

What book are you excited about?

Musings on Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce is a young adult author (a quite popular one, at that) who, on paper, I should like. She writes strong, realistic female characters having exciting fantasy adventures, and she writes well.

But- I don’t like her writing.  And I’ve tried.  I can tell that she is a good writer; her characters and plot are well-developed, the writing is technically sound and has that indefinable “good” quality, her voice and stories are engaging – there’s nothing wrong with her books.  But I just don’t like her style.

Except for – and this is a huge except – her Circle of Magic series, which includes two quartets, The Circle of Magic and The Circle Opens, along with one stand-alone, The Will of the Empress.  I absolutely loved this series when I was younger, and I was ecstatic – and not at all let down – when The Will of the Empress came out when I was older.  She’s putting out a second stand-alone, with a story referred to but not told in TWOTE, due out this month, and I’m so very excited!  It’s called Battle Magic and I hope she goes on tour (and comes through Texas!) to promote it so I can get a signed copy.  Even if she doesn’t, I can’t wait to read it.

Anyway, dear readers, have you ever encountered an author where you loved some of their work but felt a definite disinterest in the rest of it? It’s so strange to me, because she is a good writer and there’s nothing I can point to in her books that I dislike, except a vague sense of “that’s not my style.”

Ever felt the same? Let me know in the comments!