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Poll Results! And Neil Gaiman’s tour brings sadness

My completely unbiased, totally randomized, 100% scientific poll results! (And one fourth of that statement – the poll results fourth – is completely true.)

As a child, did you read…

Answer Votes Percent
Animorphs – epic wars and morphing teenagers rock! 20 43%
Both! 16 34%
Goosebumps – things that go bump in the night are where it’s at! 8 17%
Neither – I had better things to do 3 6%

It looks like the majority of people read Animorphs (yay!) or Animorphs and Goosebumps.  I’m going to leave the poll open, and I’ll revisit it if I get significantly more results.

In sad, other news, Neil Gaiman is coming to the United States for a book signing but (edited because new information came along) ALREADY CAME TO DALLAS AND NOBODY TOLD ME.

Wow.  I’m crushed.

I guess the only option is to go to the UK next time he puts a book out.  That’ll make up for this!


Animorphs vs. Goosebumps?

I recently talked with a friend on childhood series we read; namely Goosebumps (her) and Animorphs (me).  She posited that there are those who read Goosebumps and those who read Animorphs and ne’er the two shall combine. My preliminary data – asking two friends – seems to support this view, but I’m curious as to what you, dear readers, think.  Which means it’s poll time! Drop a note into the comments if you’ve got strong feelings either way, or if you read both!