Books. Opinions. Good times.

Book Stuff

My To-Read List

St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves by Karen Russell

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace  I gave up on it! Too deep for me.

Topper by Thorne Smith

Awesome Other Book Blogs (Always in progress!)


A children’s book blog. I love children’s books and I’m always on the lookout for ones to gift to the little ones in my family. Also, turtles are the most awesome, wonderful, fantastic, and delightful creatures on the planets.  Especially sea turtles.

Books on the Knob

A blog that covers e-reader deals; if you’re looking for a free or reduced price book for whatever e-reader you have (I have a nook and nook tablet) check this website out.

Don’t Read Books

Ensis, blogger extraordinaire, runs this gem.  It’s combination of book reviews, writer talk, and his books and short stories.  He talks about things from a more technical approach, which I always appreciate – I feel it gives me a much clearer picture of the book than a simple discussion of plot elements.

Book Blogger Directory

It’s not technically a book blog, but if you’re looking for a book blog to read, it sure is a good place to start.


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