Hi! I read books – lots of books.  Too many books, perhaps.  I have opinions – lots of opinions. Too – well, you get the point.

This site is where my opinions and reading collide, hopefully for the greater good!

You’re likely to find: fantasy, romance, science nonfiction, children’s books, other nonfiction, classics, the occasional fiction, and the very occasional sci-fi and Western.  You’re unlikely to find: poetry, experimental works, poetry, horror, cookbooks, autobiographies (except classic rock ones, because those I adore), and religious texts.  Also, poetry.

The comments are a spoilers-okay section, so please feel free to comment and discuss the books in any depth you’d please!

Review Style

I have a really informal review style (a/k/a rambling…). I try to write a book review that would let me know if I’d want to read it or not. I have sorts of reasons to read a book, from a love of a specific plot line, like women running away to sail the world*, to a love of an excellent wordsmith, like Elizabeth Strout, so I generally talk about whatever I felt was most notable to me, instead of having a checklist.

I usually wrap up reviews with the most compelling reasons to read and to not read a book – no book can be everybody’s cup of tea. My goal isn’t to rate books; instead, I want to help connect readers to books they’ll enjoy.

Contact Me

Want a book suggestion or have a book question?

Send an e-mail to asktopper@gmail.com.

Happy reading!

*I love books about landlubbers on ships, finding their freedom on sea.  And hate any plot that uses multiple worlds as settings.  There’s no accounting for taste!


7 thoughts on “About

    1. Oh, gods, rating the Harry Potter books – I think you just exploded my brain! 🙂
      To be fair, I have every faith that HP will still be read 100 yrs from now. Classic children’s literature!

  1. Since you invite suggestions for review, I recently stumbled upon a little known book that I think is NY Times notable quality and plan to feature on my blog soon. I’ll link to your review of it if you do one. It’s called STONING THE DEVIL, and Lipstick and Politics gave it a good review at http://www.lipstickandpolitics.com/?s=stoning+the+devil. Set in the United Arab Emirates, ex-pats and locals mix it up emotionally, intimately, in the gleaming highrise of Dubai.

    1. It does not sound like my kind of book, unfortunately! But it does sound like a book a few of my friends/relatives would enjoy and, as I’m doing Christmas shopping, I’ll try to pick it up for someone and give it a try before I gift it. (And if I don’t finish it due to genre incompatibility, I may ask someone for a guest review.)
      Thanks for commenting and the suggestion!

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