In the process of packing, I realized just how many books I had. I ended up filling 2 trunks completely with books and splitting the rest between 3 suitcases of varying sizes (to keep the weight manageable), after giving away about 50 to friends and Goodwill.

I was very strict and everything that wasn’t signed or unread went-with the exception of two or three that have strong emotional value.  If I want it that badly, I’ll find a signed version or get a copy on my Nook, which will take up the exact amount of space no matter how many books I have. Of course, the first thing I did when I got to Boston was to buy another book – but I’m stopping that and going to use the library more! It is my New Year’s resolution.

Are you, my dear readers, book hoarders or thrifty library users? When you move, do you find your books encumbering you or are you excited at the prospect of a whole new library? Or are you both?

And when you go through and clean out your book collection (if you are such a one to do so), what determines which books make the cut and which ones are destined for friends, used bookstores, and Goodwill?


One thought on “Books

  1. I’m both!! I use the overdrive library system a lot for eBooks. I’m also highly obsessed with scouring thrift stores for cheap books and I always check the kindle daily deals. And I use netgalley. I refuse to pay full price for a book until I’ve read it and know it’s one that I will want to keep on my shelf to reflect my “booksense” and reread at some point. Right now my bookshelf is full though, so I have to lay off the book buying until I’ve weaned those down. Ha.

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