Classics · Nonfiction

James Herriot

I was telling my coworker the latest in my stomach adventures (I am a blessed child in that aspect) and she broke in with “Maybe you have parasitic bronchitis!’

I laughed. “You always assume the worst!”

She smiled.  “Well, have you been eating any dew-covered grass?”

A memory came to mind.  “Are you reading James Herriot?” I asked excitedly.  And it turns out she right in the middle of his second book, All Things Bright and Beautiful.  I love Herriot, though as a country girl who grew up on a ranch, I had a different perspective on the books than she, a city girl, did.  We had a fantastic time comparing our views.

It was a great moment; I love talking to people about books, especially lovely, thoughtful people like my coworker.  It was also completely unexpected.  Books are such a solitary endeavor that sometimes I forget how much of a connection you can forge over them.  What a nice reminder!

Have you had any unexpected connections with someone over a book?  Let me know in the comments!


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