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Calvin and Hobbes

They’re making a documentary about the importance of Calvin and Hobbes – which is long overdue, in my humble opinion.  I’m so excited about it! It’s showing in a city near-ish to me, but unfortunately, I’ll be out-of-state that entire weekend.

Calvin and Hobbes was a staple of my childhood.  I think I grew up after the newspaper run finished but my mom bought us the giant book collections and my brothers and I would squabble over who read them first.  They are just the perfect mix of funny and thoughtful and thought-provoking.  So I think I’m going to buy the DVD and host a viewing party with some of my friends, which’ll be great fun.

Any other Calvin and Hobbes lovers out there? Are you excited about the documentary?


2 thoughts on “Calvin and Hobbes

  1. I wish I could go, but Dallas is way too far away from me.
    If you want some more behind the scenes of C+H, pick up the Tenth Anniversary Book–it is pretty much a must have for Calvin fans. There’s also an awesome website about Watterson – I can’t remember it, but it’s great!

    1. It’s touring around the country and it may stop in a major city near you – unless, of course, you live in Texas, in which case it’s only coming to Dallas.

      I wonder if we have the 10th anniversary book? I know we have several but they’ll all at my parents…

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