Sparky Sweets, Ph.D

Have you guys seen Sparky Sweets, Ph.D and his amazing youtube channel and website, Thug Notes? (Yes, I linked both.  He is that amazing.)

Sparky Sweets, my new celebrity crush (Internet fame totally counts!), takes old classics and summarizes and analyzes them in a whole new way – thug-style.  His analysis, by the way, is absolutely brilliant, if short and sweet.  I’ve read several of the books discussed, both in classes and for pleasure, and he always manages  to bring up points that a) make perfect sense and b) I have not been introduced to before.  I like it so much!!!!

The summaries come with fun little animations, which are entertaining enough that I don’t mind sitting through the plotline of a book I’ve read several times and very helpful if you haven’t read it before or are struggling to get through it currently.

My favorite quote, from his video on The Scarlet Letter: “Up in Salem, MA, where everybody got real tight assholes…”

When you have 3-5 minutes, hop on over to his website and pick a classic to watch.  I especially liked his analysis of Of Mice and MenThe Great Gatsby, and, of course, Pride and Prejudice.  Give him a try!


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