Once Upon a Time and Completely Off-Topic

The TV show, not any book.

I know my blog is approximately 99% about books but I have been wanting to talk about OUAT for more than a week now and I have no one to talk to, so it’s to the blog I go.  SPOILERS AHEAD.

Anyway, I was doing some research on the show – I’m writing a paper about it for my Sociology of Love and Relationships class – and I remember reading a critique that was complaining about the one good* woman of color – that’s our resident bad-ass, Mulan – competing with a white woman for a man’s attention.  I remember thinking That can’t be right.  Mulan’s into Sleeping Beauty herself, not the prince.

If you saw last week’s episode, than you know – or you should know – that Mulan is in love with Aurora.  And I just want to say, I called it!  Called it last season, though I don’t remember which episode.  (I think it was during the episode where they were trying to insinuate both women were in love with Prince Phillip but I’m not sure.) 

I just wanted to crow about that.  Also, I love Mulan in OUAT (and the original Disney movie was my favorite growing up!) and I’m so happy that they’re keeping her and developing her character more.

Feel free to discuss anything OUAT in the comments!

*Good referencing here to the good vs. evil dichotomy, not to the quality of the characters.  Regina is one of the best characters, in my opinion, (her and Rumplestiltskin!) and I’m actually writing my paper on the maternal relationships in the show, focusing heavily on her and Emma’s relationships with Henry.


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