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Musings on Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce is a young adult author (a quite popular one, at that) who, on paper, I should like. She writes strong, realistic female characters having exciting fantasy adventures, and she writes well.

But- I don’t like her writing.  And I’ve tried.  I can tell that she is a good writer; her characters and plot are well-developed, the writing is technically sound and has that indefinable “good” quality, her voice and stories are engaging – there’s nothing wrong with her books.  But I just don’t like her style.

Except for – and this is a huge except – her Circle of Magic series, which includes two quartets, The Circle of Magic and The Circle Opens, along with one stand-alone, The Will of the Empress.  I absolutely loved this series when I was younger, and I was ecstatic – and not at all let down – when The Will of the Empress came out when I was older.  She’s putting out a second stand-alone, with a story referred to but not told in TWOTE, due out this month, and I’m so very excited!  It’s called Battle Magic and I hope she goes on tour (and comes through Texas!) to promote it so I can get a signed copy.  Even if she doesn’t, I can’t wait to read it.

Anyway, dear readers, have you ever encountered an author where you loved some of their work but felt a definite disinterest in the rest of it? It’s so strange to me, because she is a good writer and there’s nothing I can point to in her books that I dislike, except a vague sense of “that’s not my style.”

Ever felt the same? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Musings on Tamora Pierce

  1. Interesting! I guess that’s something that arises when you write two different series set in two very different worlds, each focusing on different themes etc. I personally like both, but I know a few people who loved Tortall and just couldn’t get into Emelan.

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