What Don’t You Read?

I’ve asked a fair amount of questions on positive reading habits – what you read or how many at one time – and dear readers, you’ve been graciously answering my questions. But now I have a question on the opposite end of the spectrum: What don’t you read? What absolutely turns you off?  Is there an entire genre you avoid, covers or blurbs that you hate?

I don’t like poetry, as I’ve recently discussed.  I’ve never been able to figure out why and I’ll continue to try to like it but so far, no luck.  I refuse to read a book that makes me feel like I have to learn a new language to understand it – I just put down A Clockwork Orange after approximately two pages. Sorry, Burgess!

And I will not, under any circumstances, read horror novels.  I read Carrie and thought, oh King’s not that bad. What’s all the fuss about?  So I picked up Pet Sematary and was terrified of any animal I met after dark for months.  Did I ever mention that I grew up on a ranch and part of my duties was night feeding?  I don’t watch horror movies because I get nightmares for weeks on end and after those two horror novels, I decided that Wikipedia was the only place I was going to read about any horror anything.

So, dear readers, let me know what makes you scrunch your nose and pass up a book.  And why, if you can articulate it.


What's your opinion?

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