What do you read?

Another question post!  (I really love reading everyone’s answers.)

I am curious, because my book blog is somewhat varied in scope, as to what the reading preferences of my readers are.

I like fantasy and romance (full disclosure: I stress-read romances and don’t post reviews of all of them, just the ones I have coherent thoughts about).I like nonfiction, but they take me longer to read and I’m incredibly picky about which ones I finish.  Plus, I have to be feeling brainy when I read them.

I like satires and comedies, of course. I like young adult and some children’s books.  I like nearly anything based on fairy tales and fairy tales themselves.  I love classics and I’m beginning to develop a taste for contemporary literature.

Beyond that, I really like books that have a focus on characters, especially strong female characters – though, oddly, I don’t like the majority of Tamora Pierce’s work.  I like thought-provoking books and books that are sweetly romantic.  On the flip side, I like light and fluffy escapism books that leave me feeling warm and fuzzy when I close the page.  I adore an exceptionally well-written tragedy and loathe a badly written one.  I’m not fond of action or lengthy descriptions of scenery and nature’s beauty but witty dialogue is always welcome.  I dislike feeling like I have to learn a new language in order to get through the book.

What about you, dear readers?  What makes you want to pick up a book and what makes you want to put one down?


5 thoughts on “What do you read?

      1. I love to try new things, so I go from one topic to another just for the fun of it taking on new personalities as I switch from sad, to happy, to witch, to vampire, to hiker, to biker, hahahaha and so on. The only book I REALLY hated were the ones i had to read in school i.e. to kill a mockingbird and the scarlet letter! So boring.

      2. Oh, I loved To Kill a Mockingbird, though not so much for The Scarlet Letter. (I tried!) I’m glad to see my readers are as diverse as I am, if not more so!

      3. Best book I ever read was The Great Gatsby!!! I even did my junior english project on it. We made a movie and I played daisy hahaha, even 5 years later i still remember it.

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