I know I said I was trying to post more

And I am, I promise.  But work is really busy right now, there’s a mouse in my kitchen (! I’m not adult enough to deal with mice!), and I’m on an elimination diet, which is just no fun.

Today,  I was shopping at Central Market (an upscale grocery store that reminds me that there is still food I love to eat – their produce section is wonderful) and I was so extremely hungry because I had to run errands after work and didn’t plan well for food and I passed their tortillas – they make these tortillas in-house, guys, and they are SO GOOD – and I just wanted to cry.  I didn’t because a) I am adult enough not to cry in a grocery story and b) the diet is helping so I need to be thankful for that.

BUT! Personal notes aside, I am reading two amazingly awesome books and when I finish them I will have two amazingly awesome reviews to write.  So my apologies for not posting as frequently as I set my mind to and I will strive to do better!




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