Happy Books

What do you read when you’ve had a bad day/week/month? Is there a book you turn to, an author, or a specific genre?

If I’m intellectually stressed  – like during finals back in college – you’ll find me curled up with a romance novel – generally Harlequin, though I don’t read those normally – or a young adult novel. (During one bad finals, I read 13 Reasons Why in one sitting at a Barnes and Noble.  And then didn’t buy, ’cause I was broke.  But I now have a signed copy. Happiness.)

If I am other types of stressed, I reach for Julia Quinn or P.G. Wodehouse. There’s a couple of other comfort novels I have, but those two authors are the ones I most often reach for.

So, dear readers, what about you? Do you turn to sci-fi or comedies? Does Tolstoy get you through the day? Or is it something more general – like any mystery featuring food or any Western featuring a lone cowboy with revenge on his mind? Something easy to escape into or something complex and thought-provoking? Let me what you think in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Happy Books

  1. Circulation by Tim Horvath is my favorite comfort read. It’s a 60-page novella, so I can easily read it in an hour. It’s warm and dreamy, and it has beautiful language. It’s perfect for restoring a sense of calm and balance.

    Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed is another great read when I’m upset or stressed; there are a few advice pieces that I relate to, and reading them always makes me feel better. They help me feel like I’m not alone and that everything will probably turn out okay. And sometimes they give me a good kick in the pants and make me feel motivated when I want to give up.

    1. Those both sound wonderful. Oddly enough, it never occurred to me that someone would turn to an advice-based or self-help book, even though that’s exactly what they’re written for! I guess I missed out on a big part of the comfort/stress books there.

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