I reread books

Do you? Reread books, that is.

I do.  I reread books all the time.  Sometimes for comfort or because I’m tired and just want to read something I know and love  – Julia Quinn I return to time and time again. Others I reread less frequently but with greater pleasure – every three or four years I reread The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, which I’ve done since I first read them as an elementary school kid.

I’ll reread a book because there’s a movie version coming out and I want to have a fresh impression of the book before I go in – The Great Gatsby, for instance, or, more recently, Ender’s Game. (There is a review coming for that; I just need to think about what I want to say first.) If a new book in a series is about to come out, it’s not unusual for me to pick up one or more of the preceding books and reread them, especially if the series needs to be read sequentially.  Something may remind of a book I’ve forgotten and I’ll go back and reread it.

I read many, many classics as a child and teenager and as I get older, and theoretically wiser, I slowly go back and reread them.  This is probably the most rewarding of the rereadings that I do, as there is much I missed as a child.  The fact that I’m rereading also allows me to go slower and think more about the book.  (Some classics I will never reread – Lolita, which I read as a college freshman, I loved but can’t see myself ever revisiting.)  

I’ve discovered in the past year that I really enjoy “rereading” a book by listening to the audiobook. I love audiobooks but have a harder time keeping everything straight because I can’t flip back easily if I get distracted or miss a detail.  If I know the story, I have a much easier time keeping up with what’s going on.  (And I pay more attention, though I’m not sure why.)

My dad, on the other hand, doesn’t reread books or rewatch movies, figuring that he already knows what happened and there’s no point.  I know a fair amount of people who don’t reread because there are lots of unread books out there – why waste time on a book you’ve already read?

Do you reread, my fair readers? Do you have books you constantly revisit or is rereading an honor reserved only for a few special books? Is your pile of to-be-reads so large you can’t justify opening a book you’ve already finished?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


6 thoughts on “I reread books

  1. I used to be a re-reader due to a lack of available books but since I discovered Goodreads and book blogging I don’t have the time to open something I’ve already read. Though I would dearly love to take some time to re-read some recently loved books.

    1. I “cheat” and blog about books I reread. And I’m awful about updating Goodreads. But I hope you find the time in the future to reread – time is always the worst limiting factor, isn’t it?

  2. I used to re-read all the time because I had trouble finding books that interested me — YA was never my thing, even when I was the right age for it. I would just re-read tried-and-true favorites over and over again.

    But now I have the opposite problem; I want to read everything, and I have tons of books that I haven’t read yet on my shelf. I still enjoy re-reading when I feel like I have time or when I need a comfort read, but I don’t do it very often anymore.

    1. I’m the exact opposite – when I was younger I just devoured everything I could get my hands on and now I’m very picky about what and when I’ll read things, so I’m much more likely to reread when I’m in the mood for something specific. My to-be read stack I regard disdainfully with an attitude of “I’ll get to you when I’m good and ready and not a moment before.”
      Now that I’ve put that in words, I feel a bit ridiculous! O.o

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