by: Jennifer Estep

Jinx is a superhero story (in a series, which I will probably read) about a woman with the power of luck and, I suppose, karma.  Good and bad things happen to her – things break all the time, she makes huge messes, but she’s never seriously hurt and finds money in the street and has her lost belongings randomly return to her.

Bella lives in the city of Bigtime, NY, where she’s surrounded by superheroes (and their secret identities).  Her father, the superhero Johnny Angel, died fighting ubervillians and her brother has taken up his mantle. Bella, though possessing her own superpowers, hates the whole superhero shtick and wants nothing to do with it.  She’s an art lover who’s involved with the Museum of Art and is planning their big fundraiser.  On showcase is the world’s biggest sapphire and the party is soon crashed by villain Hangman, desirous of the sapphire for nefarious purposes.

I really like superhero stories and this was no exception.  There wasn’t as much suspense and reveal as intended – I guessed all the supers’ secret identities as soon as I had been introduced to both the supers and the secret identity.  I’m very good at guessing plot twists, however, so take that as you will.

It was definitely one of those books you read because you like the concept.  The writing is decent, the plot moves quickly enough to keep you entertained but it’s not particularly surprising, and the characters are well-developed but not exceptionally so.  There’s plenty of romance – in fact, you could call it a fantasy romance novel, if you were so inclined – and it does focus a lot on self-discovery and relationship development. Fight scenes still abound and I do like the fact that Bella doesn’t like superheroes, even though she has fairly strong powers herself. There were lots of superheroes and ubervillains around, which was fun. Even though it was a part of an ongoing series, there weren’t annoying or obscure references to previous books.  The ending was not what I predicted from reading the back of the book, which was nice.

Oh! Also, there were plenty of strong, rockin’ women characters in this book, from Bella, who is learning to accept herself a little more and take control of her life, to Fiera, who is just an all-around BAMF, to Granny, an old lady superhero who walks around with a cane and takes down muggers and pickpockets. It’s nice to see female superheroes, and female superheroes that talk to each other and have friendships – bonus! Plus, superhero story written by a woman – bonus #2.

Anyway, I don’t have an awful lot to say about this book.  It was good, but like I said, it’s one of those books that’s for people who like the genre it’s written in.  If you like the concept, or if you like superheroes stories in general, you’ll definitely like this book.  If you’re not really into superheroes or fantasy, though, then, sadly, this may not be the book for you.


4 thoughts on “Jinx

  1. Hah, I went to high school with a Jennifer Esep–not this one; I checked.
    You might like Silver Ninja, a smashwords novel I reviewed about another female superheroine. It’s a great book for fans of Metal Gear video games, but only has one superhero as far as I know.

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