Guest blogging!

So if you obsessively check my comments (anyone?), you may have noticed an interesting exchange between me and Ensis of Don’t Read.  (Also, I very nearly linked that to an Ellen interview with Diane Keaton where Diane is drunk and talking about Tantric sex…

On second thought, here you go.)

Ensis asked me to do a guest blog (!), which I immediately agreed to and am feeling all kinds of awesome and honored by.  Ensis then kindly agreed to do a guest blog here on Topper’s Books (!) which is also invoking feelings of awesome and honor.

It’s been officially decided that this Tuesday is the date of the guest blogs, so please look forward to that! We have completely different styles in both blogging and reviewing; I don’t know what format Ensis will choose for the guest blog (or even what book) but it’s bound to be refreshingly different from my viewpoint.

I’ll be guest blogging in my normal style and I’ll post the link here – but you’ll have to mosey on over to Don’t Read to read the actual review.  And I have a fantastically fun book to review; it involves dragons and good manners.  If you think you know what it is, leave your guess in the comments!


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