Books coming out this month!

First, sorry for my lack of book reviews.  I’m reading several classics + had a mild case of self-diagnosed tendonitis so I’m trying to lay off the typing.  But this needed to be shared.

Goodreads just sent me my “upcoming new releases” email and I’m super excited.  Eloisa James has a novel and a two-story novel coming out, Mercer Meyer wrote a new book – I won’t read it but it’s nice to know he’s still writing – and J.R. Ward, writer of contemporary vampire romances, has a new book coming out.

 I love J.R. Ward. Not for anything about her writing style, really.  I just am fascinated by the weird and/or kinky scenes she writes for her very mainstream audience.  So far, she’s given us BDSM, ghost sex – necrophilia?-, and a bestiality-tinged romance. Oh, and let’s not forget the barbed penis and poisoned skin sect of vampires.  (Yes.  I read these books solely for the sex.  I am vaguely aware of some bad guy/good guy plot line going on in the background, but I try to ignore it.) Ward really enjoys pushing the envelope, even for the vampire romance genre.  Or, perhaps, especially for the vampire romance genre, which is actually kind of boring once one gets over the whole blood-sucking thing.

Now, I’m all for (consensual and legal) kinks, but the fact that I usually buy these books from Wal-Mart, (and have way before 50 Shades of Grey was published) living in the Bible belt and in a society that likes to shout about its conservatism, brings me no end of joy.

Ward’s newest book, however, deviates further even further from the romance novel norm. No, not for the kinky or weird sex shock value.  Instead, Ward, using a hook she’s been building for 4 novels, has written her first gay vampire romance novel.  Look for a copy at your local Wal-Mart.

Dear readers, I could not ask for anything more in life. 


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