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The Animorphs

The Moonlight Library blog is doing the most awesome sauce thing. They are rereading and summarizing/reviewing all of the Animorphs series, a sci-fi staple of my childhood. (Well, up until about book 25, when they began to be ghostwritten and, sadly, lost much of their charm for me.)

Ah! I can’t express to you all the fond memories and joy these posts are evoking in me.  I love that someone out in the wide world is doing this and making it available for everyone else.  (My thanks!)  I love discovering things that I missed as a kid or feeling that “fond memory” glow.  (Or, sometimes, laughing at how something I thought was soooo awesooommmmeeee!!!!! was in fact pretty ridiculous.) I’m just in love with this whole business, really.

I remember finding, years ago, a website where someone had done a similar-but more snarky-website with the Sweet Valley High books, another staple of my childhood.

Anyone know of other childhood book series being given a similar treatment? Please, leave a link in the comments!


5 thoughts on “The Animorphs

  1. I recently started re-reading animorphs! Loved it as a kid. I think Goosebumps have still been in print, but I’m not sure if they’ve made ebook format yet.

    1. I was too scared of Goosebumps to read them as a kid (though I watched the show…) but I stole a couple of my brother’s old copies during my junior year of college and now I wish I’d read them as a child. They’re hilarious!

      1. Yeah, some of them are really great! I think my favorite’s the Haunted Mask. It was really deep for a kids book. You should check it out if you have a chance.

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for your interest in my little project. http://www.snarksquad.com review Sweet Valley Twins, Goosebumps, and Baby Sitters Club. In fact, they are what inspired me to do my re-read, although of course I have a very healthy respect for Animorphs and my project is not snark-based. Except maybe for Cassie’s books.

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