Call for Recommendations!

Hi everybody!

Not a book review this time but hopefully it will lead to one! I went to see “Anna Karenina” last night and I really enjoyed it.  Which, of course, makes me want to read the book, as the book is almost always better than the movie, especially when the book is a classic.

Normally, I won’t watch a movie based on a book without reading the book, but I made an exception, mainly because I’m reading Les Miserables right now. My brain cannot take Tolstoy on top of Hugo.  (I’m a bit of a book snob that way, but only because I enjoy reading so much! So no judgment for those who enjoy the movie but haven’t read the book.)

Usually, I would just go buy or check out the book, but with books that are translated I like to get  recommendations about different versions first – a bad translation can really hurt a novel.

if you’ve read a translation you’ve loved or hated, drop a quick line in the comments saying which one and why! Thanks so much!


2 thoughts on “Call for Recommendations!

  1. I recently read a Wordsworth classics version of Anna Karenina that I picked up cheaply because I left my old copy at my Dad’s house. I thought the language was pretty good but I have no understanding of Russian to say how it compares to the original.

  2. I have Anna Karenina on my to-read list (finally!) for 2013 and I am planning to get the Pevear and Volokhonsky translation, just based on my research of the reviews on Amazon. Apparently this is the best one?

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