Goodnight Tweetheart by: Teresa Medeiros

This is the newest novel by Teresa Medeiros. It’s about a novelist struggling to write her 2nd novel who gets onto Twitter in order to self-promote and meets a man through Twitter. (It’s a romance novel.)

I liked Teresa Medeiros’ older works much more than I like the things she’s put out in the past couple of years. I think a couple of the latest have only been so-so – I hated her vampire novels – but this one was much better than the last few I’ve read. (Her older books were all elaborate retellings of fairy tales that I really enjoyed. I love fairy tales, but I also think the writing and characters were better.)

Anyway, this book is really cute. It features older characters, somewhere in their thirties, and lots of cultural and pop references. Some of them I got – I love Frasier! And who doesn’t know Glee at this point? – and some were from an older generation, in keeping with the characters. I at first thought the book was entirely in tweets, but there’s exposition as well. And the tweets were sufficiently witty to bring a unique element to the story. Medeiros’ stories tend to have an underlying sweetness to them just makes the reader feel a little better about life and this book is no exception. Overall, this was a nice, light read that left me in a good mood. I think an older reader would get more out of it than I did, but I still enjoyed it.

Oh, another thing that I like about Medeiros is that she includes people with mental illnesses as side characters. (In this book and in One Night of Scandal, I believe.) You meet them through sympathetic characters’ eyes and she does a good job of presenting them as people with diseases rather than crazies. I appreciate that.


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